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     We at Truth On The Web Ministries have created a CBD Affiliate Bookstore for our readers. CBD offers many products (books, videos, shirts, home decorations, and more), and usually all at very great discounts. We have assembled a wide-ranging list of products that we believe would be most appreciated by our readers. If there is any product that is offered at CBD that you believe to be of interest that we do not have listed here, please let us know so that we may give it our consideration for inclusion. Also, if you believe any of the products that we do have listed should not be, please contact us and let us know the product(s) and the reason(s). We do not necessarily endorse the teachings of the various products offered---Prove all things!

    As a CBD Affiliate, Truth On The Web Ministries receives a small percentage (6%) of all sales generated through our website. In this manner, you could purchase your desired products at the usual discount prices at CBD, and with no added cost to you, help benefit our ministry. Please be aware: These monies are only accrued if the products you place in your virtual shopping cart are purchased without logging off or visiting another site in the meantime. If you click on one of our links to or, and then leave to visit another site before purchasing the item(s) you have selected, then later return and to make the purchase, we at will not receive any donation from your purchase. Please take this in consideration when shopping our affiliated bookstore.

Please do not shop on the weekly Sabbath (friday sunset through saturday sunset) or upon the annual Holy Days.  Thanks!

Bibles     Coming soon!

Messianic Interests  

Bible Software    Coming soon!

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Commentaries Greek Helps      Coming soon!

Biblical Studies 

Church Histories     Coming soon!

Holy Days

Marriage/Parenting     Coming soon!

Symbols & Types

Children's Interest     Coming soon!

Creation/Evolution Materials    Coming soon!     

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Spanish Products     Coming soon!