Scriptural Poetry


$ by Kenneth Hoeck  -- Truth On The Web Ministries


Nascent Globe
Pirouetting Alone
Abysmal Gloom
Sonant Word
Radiant Light
Setting Dawning
Form Fill
Dead Ringer
Infused Vigor
Replenish Subdue
Hallowed Repose

Copyright 2004 Kenneth Michael Hoeck

This poem was written concerning Genesis 1:1-2:3,27 and contains only two words each line.

Nascent Globe = Gen1:1
Pirouetting Alone = Gen 1:2
Abysmal Gloom = Gen 1:2
Sonant Word = Gen 1:3
Radiant Light = Gen 1:3
Setting Dawning = the 6 Evening and Mornings Gen 1:5,8,13, 19, 23, 31
Form Fill = Each part of the world he first formed it then filled it. Sea, Skies (firmament), Land.  Fish & sea creatures, Birds/fowl, animals then man.  Gen 1:6-31
Dead Ringer = Made in His image Gen 1:27
Infused Vigor = Gen 1:26, 27 Gen 2:7 He breathed Life into us
Replenish Subdue = Gen 1:28
Hallowed Repose = Gen 2:2,3 rested the Sabbath Day and made it holy.


Sincerely, K. M. Hoeck   A Poet Servant for God