Scriptural Poetry

 by Kenneth Hoeck  -- Truth On The Web Ministries



Sometimes the Spirit inspires me to make a melodic rhyme and I try to capture and develop the idea before me. I used to write of other things but most all of what I scribe after my conversion in Christ is directly related to the Scriptures and the Lord. This page will host a sampling of this labor of love in the hope that it will uplift, encourage, warn, teach and inspire others and turn their thoughts to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.


His Way

The Olivet Prophecy After The Rain (The Son will Shine)
Oh Father  Questions of Life (Begotten) Born of God
This is My Son A Grave Look At Hell The Watchman's Warning
Preachers Tears Put On The Armour Commencement
Come to The Feast Two Opinions A Day of Thanksgiving
Atonement 2023 YHWH's House Rules
The Choice Patience   Glorious Tabernacles
A Minister's Legacy True Love Children of Sorrow (revisited)
Are You Ready Upon The Sabbath Day Who Am I? [immersed in a riddle]




Sincerely, K. M. Hoeck   Poet of God



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