Scriptural Poetry


$ by Kenneth Hoeck  -- Truth On The Web Ministries

The Minister's Legacy
You preached us the Word. You taught us of Christ
You warned us the dangers of Satan's device
You gave us godly counsel and anointed our head
You taught us to pray earnest for our daily bread
You shared our sorrows and comforted our cry
You helped bear our burdens (with nary a sigh)
You spoke with the spirit that flowed as a fountain
You taught us that faith could move any mountain
You taught us to love which cast out all fear
You taught us our Father was not far but near
You taught us to endure and persevere in all strife
You taught us God's love and His words of life
You now have put off this fleshly tabernacle
You've been released from the pains of life's shackle
You're work in His service, for this time, is done
You'll wait in His graces until comes home the Son
At the sound of the Trumpet, you'll wake and you'll see
All the faces of the faithful who learned Christ from thee.

 Copyright 2007 Kenneth Michael Hoeck

Dedication: In loving memory of Harold E. Cormany, Church of God Minister,  Dec 26,1927- Dec 05, 2007


Sincerely, K. M. Hoeck   A Poet Servant for God