Scriptural Poetry


$ by Kenneth Hoeck  -- Truth On The Web Ministries


My father, up in heaven,
I sing my praise to thee

You speak and its done,

You have gave us your son,

who died upon a tree -
who died for sinners like me.

Almighty God, my Father,
Your name always be praised.

Saints sleep in the dust,
on Jehovah they trust

They wait and their faith is unfazed -

they wait their turn to be raised.
I'll sing praise to you, my Father,
and to your Son with you in heaven.

When your kingdom is come,

your will shall be done,

When this lump is purged of its leaven
- when your kingdom descends here from heaven.

 Copyright 2002 Kenneth Michael Hoeck



Sincerely, K. M. Hoeck   A Poet Servant for God