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Truth On The Web Ministries brings you TRUTH TRACTS. When evangelizing one may not know how to "break the ice", choose the words to say or quote the scriptures to use on a particular subject. These handy tracts will help you bring truth to friends, family and strangers. Leave them on store bulletin boards, doorways and public places. Keep a few in your pocket or purse for that unexpected time of need. Check back here, from time to time, as more subjects are scheduled to be added.

The Booklets are simple to print and share. The smaller TRUTH TRACTS take some assembly.  These TRUTH TRACTS are printable on any computer. Set your print options to "two-sided" printing and the pages will line up back to back perfectly. Cut the stack of papers length-wise separating the pages and placing them in order by page number. Fold the tract vertical (top to bottom). To finish the assembly you will need a long reach stapler to place a staple in the middle of the fold from the outer cover inwards. Alternately, if you do not have a long reach stapler you may use a standard stapler. Take an old mouse-pad or piece of styrofoam and use it as a work table. Open the stapler for tacking and place two staples in the fold from the outside cover inwards. Flip tract over and manually bend the staple tips down to close (be careful!).

Just click the file you want to open and it should open directly in your browser. From there you can save the file to your computer. Alternately, right click on the file you want to download and choose  "Save As" or "Save Target As" and remember what folder you download it to on your computer. Scroll down for titles.

Be gentle and patient with people as some may be won over or put off by your demeanor. Be a light as you share your faith. Please pray that God guide you in all things and trust Him always. May God bless your efforts on His behalf.



                                              NEW! The Truth About Christmas Booklet in PDF                                   MS WORD  or  PDF                                                   MS WORD  or  PDF                                                                                 


An Interview With Jesus On The Sabbath Day




  MS WORD  or  PDF  

                    MS WORD or PDF 


These tracts may not be used for marketing purposes neither may they be sold. They are freely offered to the public for use in disseminating the truth and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. - 2005 Truth On The Web Ministries. For more information email: totw@truthontheweb.org